Now, Track your train on Google Maps!

FInd your train location or Locate your train on Google map. Official site launched.

Indian railways has launched a new site which shows the current location of all trains. This revolutionary site will help you to find the current location of any train in all over india.

You have to visit to check the position of all trains. Just forget to search by train name or name. Click on an arrow and find the details about the train.

We can not only find the location of a train but also find nearby stations, routes, maps and much more from the above site. Here is a screenshot of the site:

Track your train on Google Map!

Indian Railway is one of the largest railway network in the world. Who transport hundreds millions of people each day and operate more that 8000 trains daily.

The site was earlier showing the current and expected location of a train by searching with a train number or station name.

In opposite to other government site this site is well organised and has elegant design. I hope you will enjoy and track your train on Google Map without any problem.

If you have any problem about the site or have any comment to share with other readers or us; Leave your comment below.


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