Revised Reliance 2G GPRS plans in India – 2013

Reliance 2G GPRS plans are not the best plans available but they offer fair good plans. Here is a list of all Reliance 2G GPRS plans. If you find anything wrong in table, you will win some FREE topup.

India’s Biggest GSM and CDMA operator Reliance has rationalized 2G GPRS plans for all circles. Now they have increased prices of GPRS packs. Here is the complete list of all available plans on April 2013. Please also note, after using the free usage they will charge at 10p/10kb.

If you live in any of the following circles don’t forget to check the 3G plans at 2G rates. You will get better speed at low prices. 3Gat2G plans are available in Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Mumbai, West Bengal, Delhi, Bihar-Jharkhand, J&K, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh Orissa and Rajasthan.

If you find any wrong information being published in the table about “Reliance 2G GPRS plans in India”. Point out, You could win FREE Top-up. If possible send us some reliable website link. Fill this contact form.

To recharge Rs. 5 pack from your mobile dial *123*005#.  The balance will be deducted from your main account and the benefit will be available till mid night. This is not a 24hrs pack.

Please do not recharge with the following voucher without verifying at Retail outlet or Reliance Customer care. This information is more than 6 months old.

Now, in most of the circles GPRS packs worth Rs. 99 GPRS will give 650MB at 2G Speed and not change in speed. This is ridiculous; Isn’t it?

Circle Price Free Quota Validity (Days)
Andhra Pradesh Rs. 99 650 MB 30 Days
Rs. 13 500 MB 3 Days
Bihar & Jharkhand Rs. 15 125 MB 3 Days
Rs. 34 230 MB 7 Days
Rs. 52 350 MB 15 Days
Rs. 99 650 MB 21 Days
Rs. 124 1 GB 30 Days
Delhi & NCR Rs. 99 1 GB 21 Days
Rs. 51 500 MB 14 Days
Rs. 29 750 MB 7 Days
Rs. 5 50 MB 1 Days
Gujarat Rs. 14 100 MB 3 Days
Rs. 27 250 MB 7 Days
Rs. 47 100MB/Day 10 Days
Rs. 90 100MB/Day 20 Days
Rs. 99 2 GB 30 Days
Himachal Pradesh Rs. 29 500 MB 7 Days
Rs. 51 500 MB 14 Days
Rs. 99 1 GB 21 Days
Karnataka Rs. 99 6 GB 30 Days

Kolkata Rs. 5 60 MB 1 Days
Rs. 18 200 MB 3 Days
Rs. 45 325 MB 10 Days
Rs. 99  650 MB  21 Days
Rs. 124 1 GB 30 Days
Rs. 195 2 GB 30 Days
Maharashtra & Goa Rs. 29 250 MB 7 Days
Rs. 51 500 MB 10 Days
Rs. 52 600 GB 10 Days
Rs. 14 100 MB 3 Days
Rs. 5 25 MB 1 Day
MP & Chhattisgarh Rs. 101 650 MB 21 Days
Rs. 99 650 MB 30 Days
Rs. 57 Unlimited 15 Days
Rs. 13 100 MB 3 Days
Rs. 5 25 MB 1 Day
Mumbai Rs. 5 20 MB 1 Days
Rs. 14 70 MB 3 Days
Rs. 51 375 MB 15 Days
Rs. 29 175 MB 6 Days
Rs. 94 650 MB 21 Days
Rs. 127 1 GB 30 Days
Rs. 178 20 GB 30 Days
Rs. 248 20 GB 60 Days
North East Rs. 99 2 GB 30 Days
Rs. 13 500 MB 3 Days
Orissa Rs. 5 50 MB 1 Day
Rs. 15 100 MB 3 Days
Rs. 27 250 MB 7 Days
Rs. 45 350 MB 10 Days
Rs. 101 650 MB 21 Days
Rs. 119 1 GB 30 Days
Rs. 195 2 GB 30 Days
Punjab & Haryana Rs. 5 50 MB 1 Day
Rs. 19 350 MB 3 Days
Rs. 51 500 MB 14 Days
Rs. 99 1 GB 21 Days
Rajasthan Rs. 5 50 MB 1 Day
Rs. 27 250 MB 7 Days
Rs. 51 0.5 GB 14 Days
Rs. 99 1 GB 21 Days
Tamilnadu and Chennai Rs. 14 500 MB 3 Days
Rs. 29 1 GB 7 Days
Rs. 53 2 GB 15 Days
Rs. 63 2.5 GB 30 Days
Rs. 99 650 MB 30 Days
UP East & West Rs. 5 50 MB 1 Day
Rs. 15 500 MB 3 Days
Rs. 51 1 GB 10 Days
Rs. 99 6 GB 30 Days
Rs. 178 20 GB 30 Days
Rs. 248 20 GB 90 Days
West Bengal Rs. 5 60 MB 1 Days
Rs. 18 200 MB 3 Days
Rs. 45 325 MB 10 Days
Rs. 99 650 MB 21 Days
Rs. 124 1 GB 30 Days
Rs. 195 2 GB 30 Days

These Reliance 2G GPRS plans are being updated regularly. But, You may find errors. Please help us to correct them.

And, Don’t forget to ask your local retailer before recharging any of the above 2G GPRS plan.


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  1. l.p.singh says


  2. MOHIT SHAH says


  3. roiet allen says

    now reliance doing fraud service’ i m totally unsatisfied to the net service of reliance , when ever rechrge for 123, 119 ” sale adhe ghanta nahi chalne nahi dete net, ka pura pack khtam ho jata aur bache aacount me paise wo b le ud jate hain..

  4. Ezmamul Haque says

    These recharges are not available ON E-top is it?
    I recharged e-top of 15Rs.But I get only 125 MB data, in UP.E.

  5. shams tabrej says

    what is PAN india 248 20 GB 90 DAYS VILIDTY AND 178 20 GB 30DAYS VILIDTY

    it efective jharkhand bihar

  6. Budhan Tudu says

    Hai, I filled my reliance no by 99 rs 2g net pack but it showing data uasage of 650mb only.My no is jharkhand no.

  7. Diwakar gupta says

    Information provided in table is wrong..
    in gujarat circle the schemes are revised.
    do correct them

  8. hellog says

    anybody having information whether Pan India Rs.178 and Rs.248 plan is available in Delhi circle also or not currently. Please don’t fail to mention the dates when started if you know. Don’t give bogus and wrong information as their are many watching this site and reading the post.

  9. hellog says

    i am satisfied if reliance increases speed, reduces prices in 2G and 3G. Nobody is using 3G as it is very costly people like me can’t afford. Increase speed of internet. s**a mara hua chalta hai and give 6 GB to other circles also in 2G plan and not confine to some areas only.

  10. naveen kumar says

    now reliance become very bad…….. because whenever i need a help from customer care he will never help me……….his always…………making of customer like fool

  11. deepak says

    yes friends relince internet not have good speed in my circle only vodafone and bsnl its good speed here

  12. nitish says

    The plan of 248 is working in rajasthan or provides 20 Gb of data or not. Please tell before i recharge

  13. Piyush says

    sahi hai reliance se badi chor company hai hi nhi..inhone apni tarf se 3g pack activate kr diya aur 1.5 gb 2g data gayab kr diya hai customer care walo ne pehle to bataya hum chek nhi kr pa rhe hai phr kaha hum ab kuch nhi kr sakte..

  14. Manish says

    i have tried nearly all carriers, so my experience says,
    bsnl is best for 2G. as it give 200KB to 400KB.
    Airtel, vodafone, idea and docomo are good too, they all provide nearly same speed about 150KB to 200KB.
    But never go for Aircel and reliance they are worst, reliance is at bottom with 2KB to 4KB.
    so friends go for bsnl 2G.

  15. varun says

    yes it is totally true reliance is choor and lootne wali company hai.
    but airtel ke 2G data is good speed for browsing

  16. saleem says

    well i bought a new sim of idea and charged a 2g gprs pack of 248 for 3 months as long as i used it in andhra pradesh where i bought i was not charged for data usage , but as i used it out side andhra i am being charged. i have used it in tab, 3g dongle and phone in andhra for free.but out side andhra it is charging for the dat usage any remedy as i want us idea sim for surfing.desipte repeated call to customer care there is no answer and advice how to get rid of charging.

  17. chandrashekar says

    i recently posted abt speeds of various operators acordindg 2 my exp i am using e1732 unlocked data card…am in hyd unexpectadly i used uninor gprs rs.9 for 60 mb for calculating speed of gprs…i am suprised abt d speeds of unionr in edge my avg speed is around 200 to 260 kbps avg speed is 210 kbps(i calculated dis speed in…i am satisfied with ther service…uninor rocks……..

  18. chandrashekar says

    @sourav:so many guys are speaking about idea is best 4 2g but d speed is poor am geting around 90 kbps speed..i used many operators 2g services..firstly i used aircel for 1month there speed is around 140 to 200 kbps browsing speed when comes to downlaoding d speed is reduced to 80 t0 120 kbps..secondly i used docomo they are providing constant download speeds and browsing speeds are around 140 to 220 kbps.. i am from AP (hyderabad…) according to my experience docomo is far beter dan other operators…i dont know abt bsnl speeds surely i gona try one day…….i am using e1732 data card which suports 7.2 mbps 3g/edge/gprs compatible…..

    • Aishwary says

      i don’t think that tata docomo is better as it gives 2- 10 kbps speed in wireless data modems…………..i have experienced….i want another options fo mp

  19. shifa says

    Even if we use youtube in reliance, audio will be clear but no video at all .
    I think only vodafone is better in punjab, not so good but better than others.

  20. AAA says

    No doubt Reliance is a chor company. I recharged with 248/- plan in delhi..and I am getting max 7-8kbps speed.. I want to know best option of 2G in Delhi. In delhi Docomo and Uninor are not present, so Idea/Vodafone/Aircel/Airtel which one is good?


  21. shyam says

    I m when use for 1st time Rs101/- plan in smart it starts 500KBPS but after 2nd time recharge it downs to 20KBPS.

    HOW ITS Possible ? wjhats the remedy in relience smart

  22. niladri sekhar datta says

    from niladri
    to reliance

    what is the reliance smart prepaid gprs plan for 3 days at kolkata circle?

  23. deep says

    i recently recharge 248 gprs plan , but i unable to use it , i am getting 1 to 2 kb/s speed, still if tried after 10 mb usage internet speed goes to 00 kb/s speed, reliance is now totally fraud , it is looting money from customers, i was never about to recharge that plan, but what happend is that i bought new sim , i was getting 500mb gprs with it monthly for 3months, and speed was about 20 kb/s , but as soon i recharge with 248 gprs plan , speed getting below 2kb/s ,most time it is impossible to connect,, customer service says , sorry for trouble , we trying to improve our service, l i think TRIA should cancel service of such mobile oprators and should charge heavy fine , this complete wastage of money, they are real thieves of country , and if even if you get speed good for some time , there is no garantee that they will serve the service honestly in future , i say boycott these companies ,

  24. aswini says

    I m when use for 1st time Rs101/- plan in smart it starts 500KBPS but after 2nd time recharge it downs to 20KBPS.

    HOW ITS Possible ? wjhats the remedy in relience smart