Recommended Plugins for WordPress 3.1 (2011)

I have earlier posted about  Some must have WordPress Plugins. In this post I will  recommend  some more plugins that may be useful for you. Since this is not a must have list, You may may not need some plugins. You will also see some plugins that have same features, you should choose either.

1. Defensio Antispam: Defensio is probably a less popular plugin. But it is one of the most powerful tool.  It has some better plan and prices in compared to Akismet. If you have five employee and posts less than 25000/month and don’t want to pay, choose this one. You may  customize  level and stats of your Antispam account. This type of feature is not  available  in Akismet and Typepad.

I have tried this plugin for this blog when some spams are not filtered by Typepad Antispam. Believe me it is working good and current success rate is 95.37%. So try it. You may download this plugin form I will write a  separate  post for this plugin.

I am using this plugin and no need to switch to Akismet .

Typepad-Antispam: This is another  Akismet alternative and widely used since this is free and open source project from SixApart.  But it is not  powerful  as Akismet or Defensio, So I have  switched  to free account of Defensio.

2.  Google Analytics for WordPress: If you wish to get more stat about your blog there is another choice to switch to Google Analytics, try this plugin. This plugin is developed by SEO guru Joost de Valk.

3. VaultPress: It is the best and secured way to backup your blog another awesome another project of Automattic.

4. Comment e-mail verification: It is also one of the option you may follow to reduce spams. This plugin enables you to verify the commentator’s email.

5.  CommnetLuv: It offers your commentator to add a link to their last post of the url provided, if any.

6 WP Super Cache: WP-Cache is the most downloaded cache plugin and works best. But not  recommended Hyper Cache for shared hosting. If you have a lot of traffic but have no cdn, Hyper cache will work better on shared hosting environment.

7 Google XML Sitemaps: This is a great plugin for generating xml sitemaps. If you have a  WordPress  plugin that can not generate sitemaps, You should rely on this plugin. This is most used  WordPress  plugin to generate sitemaps.

8 WP Greet Box: This plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your new visitors depending on their referrers url. For example, when somebody comes from he or she will be welcomed as digg user and asked to digg the post if they like it.

9 WordPress Popular Posts: WordPress Popular Posts is a highly customizable sidebar widget that displays the most popular posts on your blog. You can use it as a template tag, too!

10 Broken Link Checker: It is another great plugin to improve your site ranking by removing 404 pages. this plugin will automatically check all your links at regular interval of time.

11 SI CAPTCHA Anti Spam is a light weight tool to generate CAPTCHA with some good feature like CAPTCHA for login, register, and making comment. this is great tool to reduce your spam count. Since this do not required any off domain lookup so better for SEO.

12 wp-reCaptcha: This is powered by Google reCaptcha and most used CAPTCHA beside SI captcha. You need keys from Google to use the service and so more reliable but it my increase your page load time.

13 Disqus Comments: This is another 3rd party tool and most  famous platform to handle comments. It is also used by Mashable and Techcrunch. You may  customize  your comment form layout and modify without any headache.

14 Sociable: It is a lightweight plugin to add official plugins to your WordPress  blog without modifying a single code of your theme. You may also  customize  the color of the sociable box and customize button for each post.

The list is still incomplete and I will include some more plugins in next post and will discuss SEO plugin also.

Thanks for being with us! Happy Blogging..


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  1. Praveen says

    I do like to share some wordpress plugins here
    1) Akisment – Protects spam
    2) Modal Dialog – Helps you to setup a js pop-up
    3) WP-Smush it – this will smush images when uploaded
    4) W3 Total Cache – Helps you to speed up your blog
    5) Comment Reply Notification – Notifies commentator when there is a follow up comment for them
    6) Visitor Maps and Who’s Online – Allows you to track your visitors

    • Anand Kumar says

      Thanks for comment Praveen!

      I will add these plugins in “More Recommended WP Plugins!” an the same time I would like to say some plugins are already in list like Must Have WordPress Plugins.