How to recharge BSNL Prepaid online safely!

This is the safest way to recharge BSNL prepaid online. Read if you don't know the how to do that or don't know the exact denomination of BSNL prepaid.

It is very easy to recharge bsnl prepaid online safely from the official BSNL portal. Yes BSNL official site, That’s because you don’t need to worry about the exact denomination of a recharge. You may get the current data plans from here but again this may vary Rs. 3 by circle to circle. This is why I will not recommend many other good sites which offers electronic recharge for your BSNL mobile.

If you already know the denomination about your online recharge then you may try other site. But there is one more dark side for recharging BSNL mobiles from other sites. Sometimes recharge may failed due to any technical reason and your money will be debited. In the case they (the site you used for online recharge) may take up to 7-14 days to refund your balance. If you will recharge your BSNL prepaid online from BSNL portal then you will not have to worry about failure in recharge as compared to non-official sites.

So, feel free to recharge your bsnl mobile number from official website.

How to recharge BSNL prepaid online safely:

  • Visit BSNL portal website which offers online recharge of mobile recharge, landlines bill payment and BSNL postpaid bill payment. You may also use this site for paying other types of BSNL product. By the way, come to the point.
  • Click on the “PrePaid Mobile”. You will see a web page like the image below. If you don’t have an account then click “New Users? Sign-up” and fill the form and submit. BSNL: Online mobile recharge
  • Login to your account and fill your 10 digit mobile number. Then select the correct choice.
      • Talktime Topup (Only your mobile balance will increase)
      • Special Tariff Voucher (Choose if you want to recharge 2g or 3g data plan, reducing call rates and SMS charge)
      • Plan voucher (To change your plan)

    Here I will recharge Data voucher for demo.

  • Select “Special tariff Voucher”. (When you will select voucher type, Remaining part will automatically appear). Then Select “Data” and then using drop down menu the voucher. (suppose 2G data voucher costing Rs. 54)
  • The voucher details will automatically appear. Most importantly It will be according to your circle. For details about data plans visit here.
  • Now click submit
  • BSNL will now ask you to choose payment option. Choose the first option and click “Make Pay”.
  • Now choose any of the card type or Internet banking. Here I will select Debit Card, of course you may choose any. To Pay hit the small “pay” button as shown in the image below.
  • Now you will land on a page as shown below, if you will also choose a card to payment. For Internet banking, you will be redirected to your bank site.
  • Since Visa by verified and MasterCard secure code is essential for debit card transfer you will be landed on a page which will ask you to enter password. Enter accordingly. During payment the page will be refreshing many times. Never click back or refresh button. Finally in a few seconds you will land on a page like below:
  • You should note down the Receipt Number and Transaction number for sometime for future reference.

Note: This is the official way to recharge your mobile number. So, you will never recharge your mobile with wrong denomination. I will strongly suggest you to recharge your BSNL mobile prepaid using the official site.

If you have any doubt about recharging your bsnl prepaid online or have suggestion feel free to comment below. And don’t forget to share the tutorial on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.


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  1. Mathan says

    True…but the site performance is crap, down most of the time…to let the customers use third party portal for recharge online…

  2. surendra says

    The recharge plan for pre paid users are not getting in Rs.300 in6 G.B. G P R S for 3 months.Though this plan is shown inthe Jharkhand plan list.Reply soon. or we have to go in custmer care.
    13 -08-2013.

  3. ROUSHAN says

    Sir the option to recharge with Rs 300( 6 gb data plan for 3 months) is not available in the bsnl portal for Bihar circle..though this plan is shown on the plan list on bihar telecom circle


  4. BHAVESH says

    small recharg of rs.10 and 50mb free 2G data for 15 days because some time use by use net customer at that time in use in vodafone rs. 8 and 40mb 14days validity this is auto renual offers

  5. Ram says

    Thanks…how do we print the Prepaid (iPad Dataplan) recharges that was done in the past? For Postpaid, I am seeing the Transaction history or receipts. But for Prepaid, if I accidentally close the browser, there is no way to get back to the site and print the receipt. There is no email receipt or anything.