How to quickly book Tatkal Ticket online from IRCTC!

Try these simple steps to quickly book Tatkal tickets online form IRCTC website. This tutorial will surely help you a lot. So, Book Tatkal tickets and enjoy your journey.

irctc logoIt is really hard to book Tatkal Tickets, either from online or from ticket counters at Railway Stations. When the booking starts (10 AM IST) the site frequently shows server errors due to high load. In result we failed to book tickets online. This is why I wrote this article.

In this tutorial about “How to quickly book Tatkal Ticket online from IRCTC I will show how we can book Tatkal tickets online in ethical and “sure to win” way.

Please note: IRCTC login time has been changed from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. And these tips will work only when IRCTC site is working. 😉

What we will need in the process:

  • High speed internet connection, for better reliability.
  • Google Chrome browser (with multiple user account to book multiple tickets at a time).
  • 2 Google Chrome extensions.
  • IRCTC user account, and of course
  • Debit/Credit card or Online banking for payment

Since the Tatkal ticket booking starts from 10 AM morning (Since July 10th, Earlier it was 8AM). So we will need to get ready for booking at least 15 minutes before the booking starts. In the process we will test-drive the IRCTC site and book (not really) proxy ticket.

Lets get started:

  1. Create user in Google Chrome but do not associate with Google Account or sync.
  2. Go to newly created chrome user and install Chrome extensions named Autofill and Enable Right Click.
  3. Go to IRCTC website and fill the login credentials. (wait.. do not hit enter or login button)
    • Right Click and “Add rules for this form” in sub-menu of Autofill. This will save the form and auto fill whenever you come again to the page.
  4. Now hit enter and search the desired train and class for reservation. In this step, our purpose is to go to the passengers’ details page and save to autofill.
  5. On the passengers details page fill the forms (name, sex, age, berth preferences and so on …). Again right-click and save the form to autofill as shown in the image below.Autofill options
  6. After saving the form, follow the IRCTC instruction to go to the payment option page. Here we should select such payment methods which transact money with fewer steps and clicks. For this purpose I like SBI/HDFC online banking or OR debit card payment option.
  7. If you like to save this sensitive data then again save this to auto fill. BUT don’t forget to delete the information after booking tickets. or save SBI online banking login username and password for one click action, as shown at the bottom of the post.
  8. DON’T pay the amount and hit “Cancel” button if there is or close the window to cancel the ticket.

Now, You are ready for quickly book tatkal tickets from IRCTC website. For good practice, run the test mode once again and get satisfied if everything is working fine.

On the day of booking Tatkal Ticket, Login into your IRCTC account at least 15 minutes prior to booking started (i.e. 9:45 AM). And check everything. At this time you may login to your IRCTC account and search trains and stay there until it is 10:00 AM.

At 10AM you should now proceed for furthers steps to book ticket.

In this way, you can easily book tatkal tickets.

Best Practice tips:

  1. Save all the forms I mentioned above. Other forms like “Search Train” will not work and show error. Avoid saving other forms.
  2. Delete all Banking and payment related data from autofill once you used.
  3. Login to IRCTC at 9:45 AM Indian Stranded Time.
  4. AC coaches have significantly less number of Tatkal Tickets Quota compared to Sleeper Class. This is why Sleeper class has better change to book a ticket.
  5. Booking Ticket in test mode is recommended for satisfaction and finding possible errors. Do it.
  6. Use new Chrome user account for faster browser experience.
  7. Never sync banking related data to chrome or any other sync option.
  8. You can book maximum 2 different Tatkal tickets from your (one) account.
  9. Maximum 4 Tatkal tickets can be booked at a time (against a PNR). If you want to book more than 4 tickets create another Chrome account and follow the same tutorial. (Due to high rush and keeping travel agents from out of tatkal tickets IRCTC monitors account. So, I will not recommend anyone to book someone else’s tickets from your IRCTC account)

There is also a trick for quick login to SBI online banking during payment. To do this you will need to create a bookmark in Chrome “Bookmarks bar” with the given code. To know how to create a bookmark in Google Chrome visit here.

Now when you visit SBI internet banking page for IRCTC payment, click the bookmark. you will be automatically logged in to SBI. In the code below you will need to change the username and password written in bold, with yours own. I will suggest you to visit SBI login page and test your bookmark for trial, far before booking you online Tatkal ticket for any misconfiguration.

Code for SBI quick login:

javascript:function E(){ f0=document.forms[0];f0['userName'].value='USERNAME'; f0['password'].value='PASSWORD'; f0['Button2'].click(); }E()

Replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with your real ones and save it as bookmark for quick login to SBI internet banking. I have tested the above code on Firefox as well. After booking Tatkal ticket quickly DELETE the bookmark.

Now, you will have better chance to book Tatkal Ticket online from IRCTC. If you have any suggestion or problem, don’t forget we have commenting system to discuss that. And don’t forget to share the article on twitter, Facebook or Google+. This will help us a lot.


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  1. Xyz says

    The Tatkal has become impossible nowadays. It goes until the payment stage and once the payment gets completed the transaction failed and the amount will be debited. And we cannot try again to re-book as IRCTC website is not going to allow another transaction. I think this is all due to the IRCTC agents and as a normal consumer our Tatkal transaction is not allowed or fails all the times

  2. Abhinay says

    Your SBI bookmark script is working perfectly.
    Can you please provide script for HDFC netbanking too….(just for merchant login)

  3. AAKASH says

    dear sir
    irctc created autofill form for passenger detail
    but any autofill form for payment details for tatkal ticket.

  4. AAKASH says

    Dear sir

    For passanger namer, age, sex, etc. info irctc creat autofill form but any
    have a autofill form for payment.
    plz tell me any how to payment faster .

  5. luxman says

    First of all “THANKYOU SO MUCH” for the useful tecknik Mr.Anand.
    I ve a problem in SBI quick login. For example:
    un:ramgopal, pw:maxim@1947
    in the url feild, i entered like this ..
    javascript:function E(){ f0=document.forms[0];f0[‘userName’].value=’ramgopal’; f0[‘password’].value=’maxim@1947′; f0[‘Button2’].click(); }E()
    is it correct.If not please help me.

  6. Riyaz says

    i have tested your javascript code for sbi autologin bookmark,
    i am using hdfc netbanking can you tell me what is bookmark for hdfc like sbi

  7. Chakrabarty Babu says

    This post is awesome…it greatly help all people trying to book tickets through IRCTC….I Thank the author for researching n sharing such a great informative post…and also the people commenting for enriching the knowledge of others.


  8. Rah hannnan says

    Hi Anand, You have done wonders in starting such an endeavor to help us , ..Thankyou Anand for your brilliance , patience and hard-work for this tremendous project and the success :) ….

  9. ahmed says

    Anand BHai please help me your trick of autofilling form not working on new irctc please please please help me as soon as possible…

  10. Akshay Sapkal says

    You have a back link for ” Allow right click ” on the page. This can harm your page consider fixing it :)
    And yes the article is very nicely scripted !

  11. Jagan K says

    The chance of getting confirmed tatkal tickets depends on how quick you fill up the information and make a payment. presents a simple way to fill tatkal forms. Most of the agents use such type of software to book and that’s why the tatkal seats magically fills up in minutes.

    Such software is first time available to free to use to all through

    Make use of the site

  12. Ram Puvvada says

    Hello Anand,
    The irctc site is frozen after we click on Go after selecting the Starting and Destination stations and the date of travel. It does not show up trains and is hung for a pretty long time and then when the list of trains and classes show up, then selecting the radio button does not show up the availability for the pretty long time. Is it possible overcome the IRCTC server response issues by some work around?


  13. p v n kumar says

    Dear Sir,
    your article is very interesting. today i have tried and booked tickets in tatkal based on your recommendation. but some how the auot fill option using Chrome is slow and ended up in filling details using Magic auto fill soft ware.

    My question to you is What is your opinion about booking through delhi based proxy servers. may says it is fastest but many says it is not safe. your comments on Dynamic IP???

    P V N Kumar



  14. deepak says

    pls can u give me ur mobile no . i have some doubt about auto fill and new user . can i use master passenger option

  15. Dev says

    Hi Anand,

    My transaction generally gets terminated when I reach payment gateway, could you suggest which is the fastest payment gateway out of all options and WHAT IS ITZ CASH IS IT HELPFUL?

    • Ashutosh says

      Mr Dev, payment failure is not because of IRCTC congestion….It fails on other times also….so if you reached the payment gateway….the next step depends entirely on the payment gateway……ITZ cash is also useful for payment…but there also you have to give credentials like username and password……since less number of people use it…their servers are mostly working.

  16. Roikka Hazarika says

    Searching trains and staying on your selection before 10:00 would spoil everything. After logging in if you search your trains and stay on your preferred train selection, when you click Book option it would show a pop up “tatkal ARP not allowed before 10:00” something like that. And It would not allow to book ticket even after 10:00.

    So, exactly at 9:59/10:00 search train and do the rest of the process.
    Everything in this article worked fine for me except this step.

    Just I have tested this system and booked a ticket successfully.
    I used two accounts with two different strategy :
    # In the 1st account, I already searched my train and stayed on my selection before 10:00 and kept clicking book option. So every time pop up came out.
    #2 In the 2nd account, I searched trains exactly at 10:00 and it worked.

    Possible reasons for the failure of 1st strategy is:
    The number of tatkal tickets keep updating every moment and so staying on a previous selection before 10:00 fails.

  17. Swarup says

    Hi Anand i have read ur blog i have find it interesting, can u please guide how to use it on Mozilla Firefox..How to create the account and how to create the extention.

  18. Anees says

    There is no point in using auto fill options. It is not where the problem is..If irctc increases the bandwidth limit, chance for people in the queue decreases..
    Its a common misinterpretation that higher the speed, higher is the chance of succeeding in booking tickets.

    • Joseph says

      Exactly. The number of tickets that can be booked or number of people who can book ticket at the same time is very limited on IRCTC. You know its one of our Government Site, what can you expect? Thus whatever is your speed whether 1GBps or 100Mbps, it doesn’t matter. Neither it matter how fast you fill in your details. All matters is how fast IRCTC can process the requests.

    • Anand Kumar says

      No, Since you are not doing anything wrong with IRCTC server. This is just for quick online tatkal ticket booking.

  19. Prasanna says

    Hello Anand,

    Is it 2 tickets per ID or as I read somewhere, 2 tickets per IP address? If so, how should I do the booking? I need to book 3 tickets tomorrow – for my father, mother and sister. I need to book 3 tickets or nothing at all. So, booking only 2 is not an option. Please help.


  20. JAMES BENNY says

    Before 10’o clock I could not enter into passengers details. Please suggest me to enter into. I could not auto fill this passenger details before 10’0 clock.

    James Benny

    • Anand Kumar says

      Right Click on any tag > Choose “Autofill Options” > Delete Table by clicking minus (-) button on right side.

  21. dineshkumar says

    Hello Anand. Thanks a lot for these secret codes.I m grateful to u.

    I am very frequent user of IRCTC and Tatkal bookings. I not very technosavy though. so i learned to book online tickets very late and that to, never booked tatkal tickets online. Recently i came across ur blog and was very excited. Frankly it took quite a time to for me to crate user in in crome and download and use those autofill options. Slowly i m getting used to it.

    1- U said :On the passengers details page fill the forms (name, sex, age, berth preferences and so on …). Again right-click and save the form to autofill as shown in the image below

    How to Save the form. Plz show with the illustration

    2-Use new Chrome user account for faster browser experience.

    Hw to create new chrome user account

  22. sivaraj says

    Hi sir, thanks for your valuable information …. and moreover in my system the autofill options is diable how to enable it? please clarify

  23. PERVAZ says

    sorry I am unable to create chrome user account and also add the autofill extension in my browser
    Pls help me in rectifying the problem

  24. digoo says

    Create user in Google Chrome but do not associate with Google Account
    means what?
    i have gmail ac-
    what is the difrent betwin gmail AC & user in google crome?

  25. sujith says

    thank you sirji.
    IS there any idea getting verification image immediately for booking tatakal ticket?

  26. anil says

    Citi Bank payment gateaway is faster… (for both Citi & non-Citi Credit cards)
    IRCTC’s android App is faster than that on computers…

    gr8 work Anand! keep it up!

    • Anand Kumar says

      The given code is for quick login to your sbi online banking a/c. It will help you to save some time. But don’t forget to remove the code after use.

        • Anand Kumar says

          You will need to create a bookmark in web browser (Google Chrome or Firefox). In the url field put the above code and replace the USERNAME and PASSWORD with yours online banking credentials. Name it anything and goto SBI Online login page and hit the bookmark for quick login.

  27. Abhi says

    Many Thanks !!!
    Will be booking diwali tickets tommorow ..Lets see how this works in real
    Thanks again

    • Anand Kumar says

      Hello Abhi,

      But don’t forget to take a trial since all this tips/tricks work on either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. So, make sure that the payment gateway (Like internet banking, Debit/ Credit card) works perfect on these two platform.

      Best wishes for Diwali also.

      • Namita says

        Hi Anand,

        I installed Google Chrome also I added extensions – Autofil and allow right click.
        but when I go to point no.4 i.e, Now hit. Its doesnt get through to connect irctc. please advice


        • says

          In the step 4, you just need to search for train after IRCTC login. In this step we will again save the data to auto fill. e.g. Station code for Jammu Tawi is JAT and in IRCTC site it will appear as “Jammu Tawi (JAT)”.

          It seems, Due to high traffic the site is slow this is why IRCTC site is not loading properly.

  28. Wassan says

    Hii, anand kumar right click ain’t working after filling up the pax details…It happens while logging, but after entering the details nothing happens, plz help bro..

  29. C S Jayasankar says

    Your Suggestion to use Google Chrome is wrong as it crashes in the payment Gateway. either Firefox or Internet Explorer is best. i tried several times using Google Chrome , it crashes during the transactions.

    • Anand Kumar says

      That could be possibly because of IRCTC server. You may follow the same tutorial on Firefox by adding RightToClick and AutoFill or AutoFill Forms.

      I have not tested these mozilla extensions since chrome was working fine for me. However, You may try this on Mozilla Firefox.

      • K.Prasada Rao says

        I am Prasad, I am booking on mobile (window phone) slow run irctc web site , how to speed on my mobile irctc website, and payment gate way cancelled and once more very slow.

        • C S Jayasankar says

          I used to book through Google Chrome, most times when it comes to payment through Bank it crashes, as some of Banks like Syndicate Bank, HDFC Bk it says , go through Internet Explorer.


      • Rahul says

        i m trying that sbi quick login in mozilla but its not working…..Not giving any error, i have followed ur each n every direction very carefully then also its simply stop loading the page, means that after entering my id n pswd when i hit enter it stop loading the page, not giving any error or error code the page is still blank.If u have any resolution ,plzz provide…Thanks

        • Anand Kumar says

          I have just tested on Latest Mozilla Firefox and it worked for me. Double check the bookmark and share if anything goes wrong.

  30. Anand Kumar says

    The time for booking tatkal tickets has been changed from 8AM to 10AM (read:

    Yes, We can’t book tickets before the booking time. We will get error. I recommend to login in before the actual time because if you login to IRCTC at 10AM (As per new schedule) it will take extra time, which is very crucial.

    So, login before the actual booking starts.

    PS: Read my article again, I have made few changes as per new rules.

    And of cource, Thanks for you compliment. :) If you have still any doubt? Ask me..

    • hem says

      Hi Anand its really good you shared this information to all…i didn’t try it but it seems u gave ur time to write every steo..i appriciate it..Thanks.

      • Pritish says

        What abt that Fixed deposit System in IRCTC? No need to use net banking, we can directly make payment through that fixed deposit????

  31. SHEIKH says