How to create multiple users in Google Chrome and What are the benefits?

Summary: If you are new to Google chrome and want to create multiple users in Google Chrome then this tutorial doc will help you to create multiple users.

Google Chrome is no doubt faster and one best web browser for us. This browser not only have all features of a modern browser but it also comes will thousands of extensions to extend its feature. In this tutorial we will discuss one of the best feature I like in Google Chrome i.e. multiple users and its benefits.

But before discussing the benefits of the multiple users let us try to create multiple users in Google Chrome:

How to create multiple users in Google Chrome:

Add a new user:

  1. Go to the Google Chrome settings. (Click Chrome menu on the top-right sidebar and select ‘setting’)
    As shown in the image:Google Chrome menu
  2. Now scroll down the page and find “User” section and hit “Add new user” button as shown in the image below:Create new user
  3. After hitting the button a new window will appear as shown below. Now you may change the name and icon and click “Create” button.

Now your new Google Chrome user is ready to use. You may switch/swap between your username any time by clicking the user icon on the top-left side. You may use all users in different window same time.

What are the benefits of multiple users in Google Chrome?

PC or laptop is not a personal gadget in many families. And in my experience the user in Windows, Linux is also shared. In this condition, this chrome feature not only helps us to switch multiple accounts without logging of operating system.

Suppose, You have two Facebook or twitter account and want to check both account at the same time, without logging off any. This chrome feature will do all for you. You may even remember you password.

In real life use you may quickly book tickets on IRCTC website. It will definitely save your time.

This feature will keep all Chrome account separate and distinct.



  1. arvind kumar singh says

    i am not getting any ” user” in chrome menu”setting” so that i can set multiple user pl. help me.
    like chrome setting – chrome menu – setting – (users) -

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