Why I love Digital Inspiration (labnol.org) Technology Blog?

Why I love Digital Inspiration Technology blog is not so simple to reply because the blog and the authors have a lot of reasons to do so. However, I have never meet Amit Agarwal but he really inspires.

Amit Agarwal on CNN-IBNDigital  Inspiration  (labnol.org) is one of the most popular technology blog  around  the world and Amit Agarwal is the person who is behind this blog. He  is a personal columnist in various daily.

Something about Amit:

Amit Agarwal is an ex-IITan, who belongs to Agra (India). He has worked with ADP, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. Later he opted a different stream and planned to become India’s First Professional Blogger. He has published a number of articles in various  Indian  newspapers. He is also Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional for the five consecutive years (2007-11).

Amit has more than 15,000 followers on twitter and very responsive their. According to my  interaction  with him on various social media platform, he is a humble person with great technical writing skill, cleaver businessman (I will discuss in some way later) and  enthusiastic  personality. He is the person who started blogging era in India.

About Digital  Inspiration:

As I said Digital Inspiration is a famous technology blog which is founded by Amit Agarwal. It is also one of the best example of  Individual  Blogging. How ever their are some Guest Posts their, but the quality is negligible and the quality is superb as like a DI.

This blog was first hosted on blogspot platform but later it moved to  self hosted  WordPress. It has all good ingredients of blogging. Amit posts regularly on this blog on various sub-topics related to technology.

About the new design:

The design of Digital Inspiration blog is simple and minimal, which makes it fast. It has a light colored texture background which is just for making a difference between the content area of the blog and rest. The new theme is responsive web design to retain the theme on all types of devices. he has also changed the logo of the site, which is did not liked. the new themes have only two colors black and white (actually some more colors like grey..). The comment system is disqus which has replaced Facebook comment system. It was necessary because Facebook comment system has a lot of limitations.

I miss the old theme:

However, the new design looks pretty good but i do not loved this one. Because it is not unique. The old design (Which was similar to NetRival’s current web design) was really awesome. I loved this design so much that opted it for this blog.

About Content of the blog Digital Inspiration:

Well, I am not the right person who can make a comment over the contents of the posts. The only thing I can say that the content are superb and which is  definitely  a result of hard-work and lots of effort have been  implemented  to compose each  paragraph  or even sentence.

The blog do not have any “Related Posts Plugin” and all links are (probably) written manually. Which may keep him busy and it’s not easy to search the best related post in 6000+ posts.  The blog have attracted more than 109K feed readers, which is really a big sum. Isn’t it? It has a good amount of Video Tutorials (youtube.com/labnol) also.

Money making Blog:

Labnol.org is not only a popular blog but it generates a lot of money. I think Amit has  optimized  his blog in great manner. He generates a lot of money from lowest numbers of ads sections. He has currently 5 active ads sections, i.e. a Adsense Link unit (below header or site branding), 1 before and after the post-body on post page, 2 on sidebar. Probably this is the minimal use of ads on a blog. It also  makes  him a good businessman the strategy is (may be) to keep  visitors  engaged and attracted.

Visitor  Experience:

As a visitor, I have never faced any glitch. The simple and minimal design keep my eye relaxed and the inlinks keep me busy to surf the blog. The pages are fast and the least amount  of ads helps in fast rendering.

The only problem I feel sometimes is lack of comment  opportunity and Amit’s response in his own blog. As a commentator I love to share my  opinion  and suggestion their and also want to see some  response  form other visitors or author. But I have never seen any comment reply from Amit. Also I felt that the comment has been disabled, On which I really needed help from him.


Now,  Amit have added Facebook comment system and we can comment on all post even if the post is 5 years old. Amit is now responding to his comment. Now I do not have anything to say. All sides of a blog is rocking. Actually, Amit is really inspiring to all geeks and non-geeks. :)

It’s not  conclusion but summary:

At last, I would like to say Digital Inspiration is my favorite  Tech Blog. I always learn from Amit and his blog. He may be Ideal for newbie AND is for me. I feel he will enable comments for longer period or for more posts. Read his post and Get Inspired Digitally!

Thanks for visiting here, Comments are required to boost my energy level!


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  1. gaurav says

    labnol is the best of all tech blog i check labnol 8-10times a day for latest post
    and i also donot like the new logo

  2. Vivek says

    I do love labnol.org , also there are some interesting tech blogs from india like askvg.com (vishal gupta) is one of my favorites, also techtimely ->(techtimely.wordpress.com) and viny tips (hackstips.wordpress.com).I think you could visit those sites and understand it’s quality .”thanks to all indian bloggers”

  3. Bibin says

    Labnol is the best tech blog. Amit gives more importance to articles than make money with ADS

    • Anand Kumar says

      Thanks for comment!!

      Actually, Amit have optimized adsense and other platform too wisely, including his blog. He has done some best SEO practice. This is why his blog is at top, of course, his posts are awesome!!

  4. Anil singh says

    This is great article about labnol.org nice good idea thanks if you want any blogger related tips visite my blog.

  5. Share it to says

    I loved your article again as it has no competent. Further I’m waiting more articles like this.