How to transfer BSNL talk-time balance to another bsnl prepaid mobile?

Now you can transfer your BSNL mobile talk-time balance to another mobile number at just Re. 1. Here is how to transfer BSNL balance to another number.

Do you know you may transfer your BSNL talk-time to another BSNL number, inside the same circle? Yes, It is possible at the cost of  Rs. 1. BSNL is Govt own telecom operator, which is providing services in all telecom circles except Mumbai and Delhi.

BSNL has some unique services like transferring talk-time balance. This service can play some crucial role in some conditions.

How to Transfer your Talk-time:

transferring talk-time balance is very easy and there is a simple step to transfer the balance.

  • Send SMS to 53738 in the this manner: “GIFT 9412345678 75“. 

Use the keyword “GIFT<Space>Mobile Number<Space><Amount>”.

Rs. 1 will be charged at every successful transaction.

There are some conditions:

  • The BSNL user who wants to transfer balance may transfer their balance only one time in 24 hrs.
  • Maximum Rs. 100 can be transferred in one transaction.
  • Their should be at least Rs. 50 remaining after a transaction. (eg. If you have Rs 75 in your account, you will not be able to transfer Rs. 25 since 75-1-25=49<50)
  • Receiver may receive balance multiple times in 24hrs.
  • There is no deduction in transferred amount. Receiver will get 100% of the transferred balance.
Some tips: This feature can be used save your money if there is a talk-time offer in your circle. Suppose for festive season BSNL offer more than 100% talk-time. In this case recharge your mobile with the bigger amount and transfer (Split) the balance to your loved ones or family members at the cost of Rs. 1.

Disclaimer: This service may not be available in all telecom circles. Please contact BSNL support at 1503 or try at your own risk.


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