How to get Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 for free!

Kaspersky is my favorite Antivirus tool now because of its effectiveness but also because of easy to users and have less impact on computers resources. Here is how to get Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 of at least one year. Still no pirate talk at all!

Are you looking for free Kaspersky Antivirus? This is right time to get it free; without even paying a single penny. Of course I am not talking about any pirated software or download anything from risky sites. Everything will come from official sites. Here I will share the information to get 1 year free Kaspersky antivirus using some simple tricks.

Now come to the point and get your hands dirty. To get one year free Kaspersky Antivirus we will need 3 things.

  1. 7-Zip compression tool
  2. Kaspersky 2013 Trial copy
  3. and, Asus version of Kaspersky Antivirus

All of the above downloads can be downloaded from official sites. I have linked the pages.

Step 1: Download and install 7-Zip tool. It is a free compression tool which also allow us to extract archived files even .exe files.

Step 2: Now, Download the “” Zip file from Asus ROG webpage. This one is official page of Asus ROG Motherboard download page. Actually Asus has released this software for their ROG motherboard customers. The downloaded file will have a  Kaspersky installer file. But this will not work on non-ROG motherboards. This will required to get the license file only. Later we will download the Kaspersky antivirus trial and install (Again from official site).

Asus KAV


Step 3: Right click the we just downloaded and select “Extract here…” as shown below. Now extract “KAV13.0.1.4190_ROG.exe” in same way.


Step 4: Again extract the file “kavkis.msi” to get “cbi.dll”, we will need to copy this file to

C:Program FilesKaspersky LabKaspersky Anti-Virus 2013

Since the folder does not exists, we will need to create these folder. If you have installed Windows 64-bit operating system then you should go to Program Files (x86) instead of Program Files.

Step 5. Now create another folder:

C:ProgramDataKaspersky LabAVP13Data

The “ProgramData” folder will be hidden by default in your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC.

Windows XP users may found PrgaramData here:

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataKaspersky LabAVP13Data

Step 6: Extract the “” file form KAV13.0.1.4190_ROG folder. And copy the file named “_1AA7CD13.key” and place it into “Data” folder we already created in step 5.

Step 7: Now download and install the Kaspersky Antivirus 2013. Since, we have already placed the activation files in the program folder the software will be automatically activated for 365 days.

Visit here to download the trial.

Kaspersky installed

Here is another tip, If you want Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 for more than a year then keep your cbi.dll and _1AA7CD13.key file in a safe place. You may activate the key by 31st December 2015. It also means you can re-install the antivirus again and again till the above date.

To keep the 2 file in a safe place use Google Drive or Box for safe archiving.  Avast antivirus is also good if you don’t want to do all these thing.

Do not share or install the antivirus on multiple pc or laptop using same downloaded files. If you will do so, Kaspersky will block your serial key and you will not be able continue with the antivirus for free.

Kaspersky was founded by Natalia Kaspersky and Eugene Kaspersky in 1997. The company has an appearance in almost 200 countries and already have more than 300 millions users worldwide.

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