Do I really need a firewall, antivirus or antispyware for Ubuntu?

It is quite  obvious  that most people who migrates from Microsoft Windows environment looks for an anti-malware. But is damn good reality that their is no practical need to install an antivirus or firewall. Not only Ubuntu but almost all Linux based operating system comes with all ports closed. So, If you are not installing networking software then their is no need to install an antivirus, antivirus and even a firewall.

If you still don’t believe, then I have a good reason for you. Unlike Windows OS Linux do not have a self propagating virus. It means if you have such silly codes which may harm your computer security then it should must be executed  manually, it will remain like a dead seed.

Ubuntu comes with a large number of application library and their are about thousands of open-source application of all needs. Practically an user will never need a proprietary  licensed  software on ubuntu. All application have own respiratory on Canonical Servers, Which are continuously monitored by Ubuntu Geeks and community member for compatibility and bug.

General Ubuntu users download all applications by either using Ubuntu software center or Terminal. Ubuntu terminal (command-line interface like command prompt or DOS prompt in Windows and DOS) user also downloads software and updates from Ubuntu servers or  reputed  servers.

If you are really dumb then there are some security application available for you, as mentioned below. But here I would clarify that most application are designed for Ubuntu servers, because “No antivirus or firewall” is necessary for Ubuntu desktop versions.

Unlike WIndows Linux have very least (can be counted on fingers) malware, it means we should keep our eyes open. But it rarely happens and mostly happens after installing networking applications, since they open ports which may lead insecurity. For such conditions their are few application available which can be used to monitor networks and their activity. You may ban then and make your Ubuntu safe.

You may check Application like IPtables, ClamAV Antivirus and Avast antivirus for Ubuntu. Here I would like to mention that none of the Linux antivirus will provide realtime security (Good reason again, If an antivirus could not  protect  real time then it proves (we may say) that their is no way to spread the malware autometiaclly). You may execute the antivirus manually. But IPtables or firewall may be good thing to install if you are unable to monitor your PC’s ports. ClamAV and IPtables are most commonly used on Linux based servers.

However, I do not use any of these application for my standard desktop due to its non-usability, you may use if you are really feared about your security. But the most important thing you should do is “UPDATING” Ubuntu. If you prefer to use an Antivirus or Firewall then Updating you Linux then you could be really in problem.

Why updating Ubuntu is so important? I will discuss it after some time for now you may subscribe to our newsletters.

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