Don’t care about Alexa ranking very much

A lot of people thinks Alexa ranks are very important for them. It is true that a number of firms  determines  your sites’ popularity on this rank. But the ranks are mainly based on its toolbar installed on its users who are generally a webmaster. It means Alexa site rank are from webmasters and for webmasters.

But I think you should not worry about Alexa ranking very much. There are a lot of posts on the net to improve Alexa rank. People follows the instructions, and follow them. I would like to sure you these ranks are useless in  many  ways.

Frederick Townes has said in a  blog post:

Ignore Alexa. A lot of new site owners rely on Alexa for site metrics but remember, Alexa is a popularity metric since only Alexa toolbar users contribute data — and that’s a less-than-universal test population.

First, tell me, How many Anonymous  web surfer have  installed  Alexa toolbar on their system? Is it fair to show a 120×90 size button to show only about only your sites’ rank, which will be probably 1000s or 10000s? I would say no for both questions. Alexa Toolbar is completely useless for most people. The traffic rank button has a  JavaScript  and I have tested my site on and seen that it causes a lot of response time and  definitely  an additional external  JavaScript  will hurt your search engine  optimization.

Alexa is not for everyone. It would be better to think on other stuff like post quality and forget about  Alexa  ranking. If you have enough good contents, your visitors will get satisfied and come to your site again and again. If you still wish better ranking visit here for more information “How Alexa Works” OR  make  strategy  for Alexa.

I would suggest you to install any kind of  Alexa  widget on your site for 3 to 6 months and when your site get some good amount of traffic remove the widget and forget about it. If you do his you will get both better Alexa ranking, Better SEO and better User  experience.


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