How to create bookmarks in web browsers?

If you visit some sites frequently or want to keep the url for future references the creating bookmarks in your web browser could be a great idea. It not only remembers the web url for future references but also provide one click access to them. Let’s discuss how to create bookmarks in Google Chrome web browser:

Create bookmark in Google Chrome

If you are on a webpage and wants to save that address as bookmark the simply click icon(Star icon) on the address bar. It appears at right side. When you click on the icon it will turn into yellow colour and a menu will appear saying “Bookmark added”. You may customise the location of the bookmark. If you want to keep it on Bookmarks bar then change the folder to “Bookmarks bar” for quick access.


If you are not on a page and want to create a bookmark as we need in quick booking Tatkal ticket after IRCTC login. Follow these steps:

Right click on the bookmark bar and select “add page”.  A small “edit bookmark” window will appear, as shown below. Edit the name for your reference and in the url field put anything you want to bookmark. the url field may have a web url, email link or some script like we have in the Quick tatkal ticket booking tutorial. You should highlight the folder where you want to save the bookmark, here it will be “Bookmarks bar”. Click save and it’s done.


You may also create a new folder and place the bookmark there.

For quick creating bookmarks you may use “Ctrl+D” from windows or “Command+D” from Mac. To chow hide the bar on the browser use “Ctrl+Shift+B” from Windows and Chrome OS. For Mac os use “Command+Shift+B” keys.



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    • Anand Kumar says

      I am glad you asked! You should give first priority to best performing gateway. IRCTC is pretty good in this.

      As per my experience SBI, IDBI and HDFC performs well. Don’t go for ICICI net banking if you have enabled SMS OTP. They are pretty bad in delivering SMS on time. BOI, PNB and BOB are also good. But my choice would be SBI and HDFC bank.

      PS: I don’t have accounts in many other popular banks. So please share if you have any other banks.