How to choose BSNL number online without paying anything extra

Choose BSNL number online by following some simple steps. You will not have to anything extra for your chosen BSNL number.

BSNL is now offering subscriber to choose BSNL number online without any extra charge. This service is free of charge and user will require to pay normal charge of a SIM card and respective activation charges.

Here I would like to say the numbers are not vanity numbers but if you may get some fair good numbers.

How to choose BSNL number:

Step 1. Go to directly. You will find a map of India highlighting different states. Click on the image. a popup will appear asking to clink on it. Choose your circle link from the window if you live in an state which has more than one circles.

(If you are using old computer then after clicking wait for a moment. It may take some time to work.)

Step 2. On the page where you landed will see a slider asking to unlock the site. Drag the slider and unlock it.

Step 3. Now its time to search your number and lock it. However you will not find any 4 times repeating number but you may find a lot of thrice repeating number. After choosing the number user needs to lock his choice. Check the check box and hit “reserve number” button at just above the table. When you hit the button you will need to provide a mobile number on which a 7 digit pin will be sent. However, They will also flash the number on the screen. Using the same “Pin” verify it and lock it.

Step 4. After locking the number you will be required to visit BSNL customer service center (CSC) or a franchisee for documentation (within 96 hrs of generating). At BSNL CSC or Franchisee provide them the BSNL mobile number you locked and the seven digit PIN. After documentation you will be instantly provided the SIM.

By following these steps you can easily choose BSNL number.

Please Note:

  • Confirming the PIN after getting is essential.
  • You should must visit BSNL CSC or franchisee before 96 hrs.
  • You can choose maximum one BSNL number at a time.
  • This scheme is available for only prepaid customers.


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  1. Vikrant says

    I have visited here for the first time.. And quite impressed with the information you provided.. :-) its all useful..

  2. anilkumar says

    Selecting a new mobile no. from their customer care centre is a tiresome job…

    while this online method is too cool…..!!

    The SEARCH option works fine….!!