How to access blocked sites easily!

lockIf you live in a place where a lot of sites are blocked and don’t know how to access those sites then here is some simple tricks to access blocked sites. Recently, On 27th February Calcutta High Court ordered to block which is a famous Bollywood music download site. Now ISPs and telecom operators have blocked the site and it is not accessible from at least BSNL network. I am sure other ISPs will block the site soon. Now, come to the point and know how to access blocked sites.

Change DNS setting to access blocked sites:

DNS stands for Domain name server which acts a directory and enables your computer to find the site. If you are unable to access a site then you should change your DNS first. Change it go Google’s Public DNS. It provides fast and secure surfing environment. You would like to read this tutorial. Their are some other sites like DynDNS and Open DNS who offer the same service for free.

Use a Proxy site:

Proxy sites enables you to access blocked sites easily however this is not a secure way to surf specially when the proxy site provider is not trusted or you want to login or dealing with private information. Also it has a lot of limitation and we may see an irritating banner on the top. You may use these proxy sites:

Access blocked sites using a VPN

A VPN is short form of Virtual Private Network their are some sites who offers really good service. A VPN should must be trusted provider since all data (even passwords) will travel through the providers servers.

When you install an application or customize your pc for use VPN and Proxy sites you should always remember to stop this when using really sensitive sites like using Credit Card or logging into your Internet Banking accounts. It is strongly recommended to stop using a proxy or VPN for such services.

However you may like test-drive CyberGhost VPN for free. It is trusted and their servers are fast.

Some other tricks to access blocked sites:

Google Cache is not the right way to surf a site, since it do not show the live site. Google cache provides a recent snapshot of the website in html.

Wayback machine  archives webpage. Unlike Google cache it stores sites data for ever, even after the site not available for a long time. But wayback machine do not stores every page of a site. So it is less useful to access blocked sites.

Summary: Accessing blocked sites are not illegal using these tricks. But we should obey our local policy and we may get some other troubles by accessing blocked sites. So, enjoy surfing. Don’t forget to share your opinion by commenting here.


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