How to fix pop up error & submit SSC online form.


Most of time we suffer from Government sites with their silly conditions. SSC Online form submission site is not an exception. Here is how we can easily fix “Netscape is not supported, please use IE or Opera” alert and submit form.

Looking for Data Cards – Here are some Data Card buying tips

huawei 3g data card

Internet has made our life much easier and wireless broadband has a great role in it. Due to recent drop in 3G prices it will be better to move to 3G data card from old 2G or EDGE devices. If you still don’t have a 3G data card then this article is for you. Here is the best way to buy data cards.

BSNL’s Revised 2G and 3G Data Plans (All BSNL GPRS Packs)


BSNL has recently revised their Data Plans ( All these BSNL net plans works on both Mobile and Data card users) and launched unified 2G and 3G data plans. These Data Packs are not only available across the India but also a lot cheaper for 3G users. However, The 2G customers are now paying more […]

Top 15 Ultimate Free File Hosting Services or Sites

There was a time when we store all our files on our PC. A few years ago there was no concept of cloud computing or was an unaffordable option. At that time we are responsible for managing securing and archiving all the data stored on our PC. The security of the files stored on local hard disk driver was very low. Due to hardware failure or viruses or other kind of malwares, we occasionally loose files, photos and other important documents.

How to get Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 for free!

extract 2

Kaspersky is my favorite Antivirus tool now because of its effectiveness but also because of easy to users and have less impact on computers resources. Here is how to get Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 of at least one year. Still no pirate talk at all!

IRCTC: Changes in Tatkal ticket charges and Cancellation fees

IRCTC has made changes in Tatkal tickets charges and Cancellation fees. These changes are already affected from April 1st 2013. Earlier from March 13th the  fares has been revised. This time we have spent some more money passively. Let’s see the statement of the notice and where we have to spend more! Don’t Forget: We […]

BSNL launches 3 new yearly 3G data plans


State owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited launched three new yearly 3G data plans with fixed monthly use. These plans will be available from April 15th, 2013. The denomination of the data vouchers are Rs. 3299, Rs. 2299 and Rs. 1251 which will provide 2.5GB/month, 1.5 GB / month and 0.75 GB per month respectively for 12 months. […]

BSNL to withdraw 1% special discount for online bill payment

BSNL has promoted online payments by providing additional 1% special discount for payment of bill through its portal and other electronic payments gateways. This was very useful for both BSNL and their customers. Sadly this will not be available from next month. BSNL has withdraw 1% special discount from online bill payment. Now, BSNL is now […]

Google Doodle on International Women’s Day 2013

Google - 100th anniversary of International Women's Day (Event)

Google Doodle on International Women’s Day 2013: We have also archived the last two year’s doodle. Google is now celebrating Women’s day 2012. Here is the new Doodle: Previous year Google had celebrate 100th anniversary. This is the unmodified post of women’s day 2011: Google is celebrating 100th  anniversary  of International Women’s Day. Google has created an event […]

Revised Reliance 2G GPRS plans in India – 2013


Reliance 2G GPRS plans are not the best plans available but they offer fair good plans. Here is a list of all Reliance 2G GPRS plans. If you find anything wrong in table, you will win some FREE topup.